Carter sort of doesn’t love Grandma?

So I say goodnight to Carter and he says”I don’t want you to sleep in my bed, I want you to sleep on the carpet” so I say I’m only going to sleep with you one more night and then I leave. Why don’t you want me to sleep with you?
He says cause I don’t love you! I say why don’t you love me? He says, no I mean I don’t love you sleeping in my bed, but I love you grandma!

Missing Ethan

I took Carter on a carousel at the Zoo today. While looking into the mirror at the center of the carousel, Carter saw what he thought was Ethan. He kept saying  “there’s Ethan, there’s Ethan” . He was very excited. After I started looking to see what the child must look like I noted that Carter was simply seeing his own reflection in a mirror. Obviously, after weeks of separation he was looking very hard for him everywhere.